Chrysler Dodge 1998-2002 Cassette player w/Changer controls made/Japan 1111GJAPg
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Chrysler Dodge 1998-2002 Cassette player w/Changer controls made/Japan 1111GJAPg
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Condition: Used
SKU: 638-1111GJAPg
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
Manufacturer Part Number: RBN or RBB
Brand: Factory/OEM
Warranty: 60 Day
Type: Cassette Player



Contact us if the video above does not play or removed by eBay, we'll email you a direct link.

CD Changer shown in the video is not included and sold separately.

The player is Fully Tested - All Functions, Lights, and Mechanics in perfect working order.
Simply install and Enjoy!

This player is made in Japan. It's been noted that internal processors of units made in Japan are
more stable and not falling as often as domestic radios made by Daimler Chrysler.
It's our pleasure to bring quality products to the eBay community.

Attention: all models below have old style 7 pins black and 7 pins gray plugs.  Chrysler changed plugs configuration in the middle of 2002. It's your responsibility to verify if your car has right plugs. As a comparison -  new style plugs are gray in color and has 22-pin main and 10-pin Aux.

Attention: Chrysler made two None-Compatible, None-Interchangeable sound systems -  regular, base sound and Infinity sound system. Make sure you buy correct one, otherwise you'll experience sound distortion. Infinity system consists of player, external amplifier and a specific set of speakers. Sometimes amps installed directly on speakers.

This is None-Infinity, regular base sound system with Green illumination

  • Caravan 2001-2002
  • Concorde 1998-2002
  • Dakota 2001-2002
  • Durango 2001-2002
  • Grand Cherokee 1999-2001
  • Intrepid 1998-2002
  • Neon 2000-2002
  • PT Cruiser 2001-2002
  • Sebring 2001-2002 (Convertible & Sedan ONLY)
  • Stratus 2001-2002 (Sedan ONLY - not for Coupe since it uses external amplifier)
  • Town & Country 2001-2002
  • Voyager 2001-2002
  • 300M 1999-2001

Player Options:

  • AM-FM Cassette player with CD changer controls (changer sold separately and not included in this listing)
  • Base (none-Infinity) sound system
  • Green display and buttons Illumination
  • If you have 4 or 6 disc CD changer - this cassette player is your only option. Chrysler CD-Tape Combos and base model cassette players don't have CD changer controls.
  • Old style 7 pin black and 7 pin gray plugs. Not interchangeable with newer 22-pin plug models
  • Round 8-pin CD changer plug
  • Made in Japan by Mitsubishi for Chrysler Co.
  • Part Numbers and Identifications: marked on face - RBN or RBB (do not use as identification since newer models also marked RBN and RBB), 4858574, P4858574, P04858574, 56038518, P56038518, P056038518, 56038518AJ, P56038518AJ, P056038518AJ, 56038518AH, P56038518AH, P056038518AH, 56038518AI, P56038518AI, P056038518AI, 5603851AI, P5603851AI, P05603851AI, 4858584, P4858584, P04858584, 4858584AF, P4858584AF, P04858584AF, 4858584AH, P4858584AH, P04858584AH, P04858584AE
  • Note: we constantly discovering new part numbers since not all of them listed in Hollander database.Contact us if part number of your player is different. We'll try to figure out if it's compatible and then add it to the list above.
  • SKU 638-1111GJAPg

Item's Condition:

  • Player is Bench Tested at our shop and found to be in excellent working order. 

As usual, your purchase is covered by our 60 days warranty. If you discover that player is not working properly or arrived damaged - let us know ASAP and we'll gladly replace it, fix it or refund your money. Caravan01 Caravan02 Concorde98 Concorde99 Concorde00 Concorde01 Concorde02 Dakota01 Dakota02 Durango01 Durango02 GrandCherokee99 GrandCherokee00 GrandCherokee01 Intrepid98 Intrepid99 Intrepid00 Intrepid01 Intrepid02 Neon00 Neon01 Neon02 PTCruiser01 PTCruiser02 Sebring01 Sebring02 Stratus01 Stratus02 TownCountry01 TownCountry02 Voyager01 Voyager02 300M99 300M00 300M01 01111G 638-01111G 1111G 638-1111G 638-1111Gnew 638-1111Gn 638-1111Gvg 638-1111Gg 638-1111Gf 638-1111Gp 638-1111Gt 638-1111Gpt 638-1111Gun 1111GCH 638-1111GCH 638-1111GCHnew 638-1111GCHn 638-1111GCHvg 638-1111GCHg 638-1111GCHf 638-1111GCHp 638-1111GCHt 638-1111GCHpt 638-1111GCHun 1111GJAP 638-1111GJAP 638-1111GJAPnew 638-1111GJAPn 638-1111GJAPvg 638-1111GJAPg 638-1111GJAPf 638-1111GJAPp 638-1111GJAPt 638-1111GJAPpt 638-1111GJAPun