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Ford Escape Mercury Mariner 06-07 CD player SAT Aux 2-plugs base sound TESTED
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Condition: Used
Type: CD Player
Brand: Factory/OEM
Manufacturer Part Number: 6L8T-18C869-AA, 6L8T-18C869-AC
Model: 6L8T18C869AA, 6L8T18C869AC
Country/Region of Manufacture: Mexico
Features: Auxiliary Input, Satellite Radio Ready
Warranty: 60 Day
Sound System: 2-plugs base, regular
SKU: 638-2004g

Factory Installed On:
  • Mercury Mariner 2006-2007 exc. Hybrid; AM-FM-CD-MP3 player, ID 6L8T-18C869-AA and AC
  • Ford Escape 2006-2007 VIN 1 (8th digit), AM-FM-CD-MP3 player, ID 6L8T-18C869-AC
  • Ford Escape 2006-2007 VIN Z (8th digit), AM-FM-CD-MP3 player, ID 6L8T-18C869-AC
  • Must verify sound system. This is 2-plugs (main & Aux) regular, base sound system model, which is not compatible with 3-plugs Premium/Audiophile/JBL sound systems, which use external amplifier and optional subwoofer
  • In order to use Aux, your vehicle must be equipped with Aux wires and port. We do not have them and cannot give you any recommendations. Do research on your own.
  • In order to use SAT radio your vehicle must be equipped with appropriate Antenna and SAT module. We do not have them and cannot give you any recommendations. Do research on your own.
Interchangeable With:
  • Many Ford/Mercury base sound with 1 or 2-plugs sound systems. If your old player has 2 holes on each side of face and you are sure it's base sound, then 99% this player will fit and work for you. However, before buying this or any similar player please remove your old one, which is very easy to do with Ford/Mazda radio removal tools available in most auto stores and even Wal-Mart, and compare all options. Some radios have Bolt style back mounting instead of slider. Simply swap them.
  • Contact us with your vehicle's model and year in in doubt. We'll look up our database and let you know if you can use this player.
Player Options:
  • AM-FM single disc CD player
  • SAT Radio ready. Vehicle must be equipped with SAT Antenna and module
  • Aux ready. Vehicle must be equipped with Aux wires and port or aftermarket Aux module
  • Made in Mexico by Ford, MSRP $500
  • Part Numbers and Identifications: 6L8T-18C869-AA, 6L8T18C869AA, 6L8T-18C869-AC, 6L8T18C869AC
  • SKU 638-2004g
Item's Condition:
  • Player is Bench Tested at our shop and found to be in excellent working order.
  • Appearance of face is GOOD - see photos
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