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listen 2 CDs: Taylor Swift Speak Now © 2010 V.good cond. all Verified & plays
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Condition: Very Good
Genre: Pop
Record Label: Big Machine Records
Release Year: 2010
Artist: Taylor Swift



  • Before listing CD to eBay we verify if all tracks are playable
  • Verification done on Mac via iTunes, not car or home stereo
  • If you discover that CD skips - contact us immediately, we'll work out the solution
  • For sale only CD, we don't have jewel case or inserts, sorry

for sale 2 used audio CDs

Taylor Swift "Speak Now" © 2010
Genre: Pop

    1.    Mine
    2.    Sparks Fly
    3.    Back To December
    4.    Speak Now
    5.    Dear John
    6.    Mean
    7.    The Story Of Us
    8.    Never Grow Up
    9.    Enchanted
    10.    Better Than Revenge
    11.    Innocent
    12.    Haunted
    13.    Last Kiss
    14.    Long Live

Taylor Swift "Speak Now" [Enhanced CD, TARGET Exclusive Content] © 2010
Genre: Pop

    1.    Ours
    2.    If This Was A Movie
    3.    Superman
    4.    Back To December [Acoustic]
    5.    Haunted [Acoustic]
    6.    Mine [Pop Mix]



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